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Quality standard

Quality standard

  1. Technical standards

  Technical standards are the technical standards for the things that need to be unified and coordinated in technical activities. According to their different contents, technical standards can be divided into three aspects: basic standards, product standards and method standards.

  (1) Basic standards: they are the basis of standardization work and the basis for formulating product standards and other standards. Commonly used basic standards are:

  General scientific and technical language standards; Precision and interchangeability standard; Structural elements standard; To realize product serialization and ensure the standard of supporting relationship; Material standards, etc.

  (2) Product standards: refers to the unified provisions on product quality and specifications, which is the basis for measuring product quality. The content of product standards generally includes:

  The type, variety and structural form of the product; The main technical performance index of the product; Rules for packaging, storage, transportation and storage of products; Operating instructions for the product, etc.

  (3) Method standard: it refers to the main working procedures and operations in production and business activities for the purpose of improving work efficiency and ensuring work quality

  A uniform regulation of rules and methods. It mainly includes inspection and evaluation of product quality of the method standard, uniform operating procedure standard and a variety of business working procedure standard or requirements and so on.

  2. Management standards

  The so-called management standard refers to the action guidelines for the repeated management work in the enterprise in order to achieve the goal of quality. It is the basis and means for enterprises to organize and manage production and management activities. Management standards generally include the following:

  (1) Working standards of production and operation. It is the specific provisions of the specific work of production and business activities, such as working procedures, rules of practice, scope of responsibility, control methods, etc.

  (2) Managing business standards. It is to the enterprise each management department of a variety of management business work requirements of the specific provisions.

  (3) Technical management standards. It is to effectively carry out technology management activities, promote enterprise technology progress and made must comply with the criteria.

  (4) Economic management standards. It refers to the various economic management activities of the enterprise to coordinate the processing of various working standards or requirements.


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