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What are the wrong modes of operation of diesel generator?

  Diesel generator error operation one: The diesel engine runs when the oil is insufficient

  At this time, the lack of oil supply will cause the lack of oil supply on the surface of each friction pair, leading to abnormal wear or burn. To this end, the diesel generator before starting and diesel engine operation process to ensure sufficient oil, to prevent the lack of oil caused by pulling cylinder, burning tile failure.

  Diesel generator error operation two: emergency stop with load or sudden discharge of load immediately stop

  After the diesel generator flameout cooling system water circulation stops, cooling capacity decreases sharply, the heating parts lose cooling, easy to cause the cylinder head, cylinder liner, cylinder block and other parts overheating, crack, or excessive expansion of the piston card in the cylinder liner. On the other hand, diesel generator stop without idle cooling, will make the friction surface of insufficient oil, when the diesel engine will start again due to poor lubrication and aggravated wear. Therefore, the diesel generator should be unloaded before flameout, and gradually reduce the speed, no-load operation for a few minutes.

  Diesel generator error operation three: after cold start, the machine is running with load without heating

  When the diesel generator cooling machine starts, due to the large oil viscosity and poor fluidity, the oil supply of the oil pump is insufficient. The friction surface of the machine is badly lubricate due to the lack of oil, resulting in sharp wear and tear, and even the failure of pulling cylinder and burning tile. Therefore, the diesel engine should run at idle speed after cooling and heating up, and then run with load when the oil temperature reaches above 40℃; The machine should start with a low speed gear, and drive for a certain distance in each gear step by step, until the oil temperature is normal and the oil supply is sufficient, it can turn to normal driving.

  Diesel generator wrong operation four: diesel engine after cold start boom throttle

  If the throttle is blasted, the speed of the diesel generator will rise sharply, which will cause some friction surfaces on the machine to produce dry friction and severe wear. In addition, the piston, connecting rod and crankshaft handling force change, cause violent impact, easy to damage parts.

  Diesel generator error operation five: in the cooling water is insufficient or cooling water, oil temperature is too high

  Insufficient cooling water will reduce the cooling effect of diesel generators, and the diesel engine will overheat because of lack of effective cooling. Cooling water, oil temperature is too high, will also cause diesel engine overheating. At this time, the diesel generator cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston assembly and valve are mainly subjected to large heat load, and the mechanical properties such as strength and toughness drop sharply, so that the deformation of parts increases, reduces the match gap between parts, accelerates the wear of parts, serious will also produce cracks, parts stuck fault. Diesel generator overheating will also worsen the diesel engine combustion process, so that the fuel injector working abnormal, poor atomization, carbon accumulation.


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