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generating set

8-17KVA generating set

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  8-17KVA generating set

  Power range                continuous operation               maintenance cycle                 low noise operation

  8-17 kva                         1000 h,                                            500 h                                            50 db

generating set

  Same type whole machine - smallest and lightest in the world

  Under the same power, the overall volume and weight are 10%-20% lower than similar products

generating set

  Power - High performance low fuel consumption

  High pressure common rail technology (electronically controlled diesel injection technology) is used to optimize the overall performance of the engine. The actual operation fuel consumption is as low as 230g/Kw.h, 10g/Kw.h lower than similar products, and the performance grade is up to G3 standard; Stable power output, one-step loading performance can reach 100%, can be used as an emergency standby generator set.


  Motor - Fast response and safe and stable

  Stable current output, low voltage fluctuation and fast response; The international leading Stanford (STAMFORD), Audi (MECCALTE) brand alternator, H grade insulation, reliable and safe use.

  Security - Multiple warning systems

  The design of the static speaker meets IP13 protection level; Provide low oil pressure, water temperature, overload, overspeed protection and other safety control and alarm systems to ensure the safe operation of the generator set.


  Exhaust system

  Low wind resistance pipeline design, heat insulation protection device to ensure smooth engine output; Impedance compound muffler is adopted to minimize the operation noise of generator set and eliminate noise pollution.

  The cooling system

  Pure copper radiator, seamless welding, avoid leakage risk; Strict ATB test ensures stable operation of the unit in the high temperature environment of 40℃.


  Control module - Supports remote intelligent control

  Provide intelligent control system, combined with digital management and cloud platform, can realize remote control unit start-stop, operation status monitoring, etc. Excellent fast response performance, greatly reduce the time from no-load to full load


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