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Intelligent high speed rice transplanter

Intelligent high speed rice transplanter

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  Intelligent high speed rice transplanter

rice transplanter

  High precision operation: assisted by intelligent system, accurate proofreading and insertion

  Unmanned transplanting machine pre-installed intelligent control system, can realize automatic adjustment of the direction of travel, transplanting straight line precision is high, the operation accuracy can reach ± 2.5cm.

  A key back

  The unmanned transplanter is preinstalled with intelligent control system, which can realize automatic adjustment of the direction of travel, and the automatic control function of turning makes the planting part automatically rise and fall when the machine turns around in the field, and automatically planting after turning back.

  Independent path planning

  After the centimeter-level setting work is completed, the route can be automatically planned and unmanned driving can be realized.

  Professional anti - sag performance, stable and smooth operation

  High strength frame design, even in the field and other extreme conditions can also reduce the trailer when the whole machine damage. When the unmanned rice transplanter is deep in the field, it can still easily control the steering wheel with high hydraulic power steering system, without fear of stopping and rolling over.

rice transplanter

  Single handle multi-mode, simple and convenient operation

  The unmanned rice transplanter is equipped with multi-function handle. One person can synchronously control the HST speed change, forward and backward, and the planting part can be lifted and lowered by one button through a single handle, which reduces the operator's labor intensity and improves operation efficiency.

intelligent control system

  Intelligent transplanting adjustment ensures operation effect

  When transplanting rice seedlings, the car body will inevitably tilt and shake, and the left and right level of the seedling platform will be automatically adjusted through the electronic control automatic balance system to ensure the effect of transplanting. The unmanned transplanter adopts the simulated manual hand insertion to ensure that the seedlings are pressed into the soil vertically and the depth of planting is consistent.

intelligent control system

  Applicable to a wide range of fields

  Unmanned rice transplanter can be well adapted to sunken fields in northeast China and parts of Jiangsu Province, gravel fields in Jilin Province and small hilly fields in South China based on its own excellent body design.

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