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TBOX terminal

High-precision agricultural tillage and preparation operation monitoring terminal

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  Smart TBOX terminal

TBOX terminal

  High-precision agricultural tillage and preparation operation monitoring terminal: accurate measurement of mu, real-time positioning and reporting of agricultural machinery geographic coordinates; Support farm machinery working condition supervision; It supports the access of external devices such as photo equipment and sensor equipment, and has strong expansibility.


  Product accessories: host box, camera, digital display tube, deep loose sensor, GNSS antenna

host boxcamera

  Real-time positioning and accurate calculation work mu:

  Beidou +GPS double star positioning, accurate acquisition of operation position, mobile/Unicom/telecom/mainstream operators, to ensure that data transmission is not lost, stable calculation of operation acres.

  High precision measurement and monitoring: the accuracy error of measurement is less than 3%, and the accuracy error of deep pine monitoring is less than 2cm

  Flexible operation support unlimited data expansion:

  Ultra-low delay: 1s start, 30s start counting acres

  Super capacity: 8~16G local storage, and support cloud data unlimited storage to easily store operation data for more than 5 months

  Easy to install solid durable:

  Easy to install and use: modular installation and deployment, automatic identification tools, cloud intelligent algorithm enabling, minimalist operation, quick installation;

  Waterproof and dustproof: IP66 level protection, supporting extreme cold and heat operation (-30°C ~ 70°C)

  Real-time data docking and efficient access to subsidies:


  Intelligent TBox terminal can facilitate the export of acres of information to submit subsidy applications, and support the information-based docking local government subsidy green channel, can quickly apply for operation subsidies.

  1. Real-time operation supervision of agricultural machinery on global visual supervision platform


  T-Box terminal can be connected to the agricultural machinery supervision platform to meet the supervision needs of distributors and the government for agricultural machinery operations. The digitalization of the platform can help the regulatory departments improve the efficiency of agricultural machinery information management, resource scheduling, certificate management, subsidy management, agricultural situation control and so on.

  2, intelligent application of agricultural service small program operation information at a glance


  The TBox terminal can be connected to the small program of agricultural service, which is convenient for farmers and operators to timely obtain the feedback of agricultural machinery condition, such as the state of agricultural machinery, working direction, working speed and working depth.

  Application Scenarios:

  Intelligent TBox terminal, support "rotary tillage", "deep pine", "deep turning", "sowing", "transplanting", "fertilizer", "stubble", "rice and wheat harvesting", "straw returning" and other types of operations.

TBox terminal

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