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Automatic navigation system for farm machinery

Agricultural machinery automatic driving system is a rear-mounted automatic driving system launched by Fengjiang Intelligence that supports both auxiliary straight lines and unmanned driving.

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  Automatic navigation system for farm machinery

  Agricultural machinery automatic driving system is a rear-mounted automatic driving system launched by Fengjiang Intelligence that supports both auxiliary straight lines and unmanned driving. The system can not only control the steering to realize the auxiliary driving of the vehicle, but also realize the real sense of unmanned operation through the control of the vehicle throttle, brake, clutch, gearbox and operation department.

  Using GNSS and RTK technologies, the system can operate with an accuracy of ±2.5cm and a speed of up to 18km/h even in high-precision operation mode, thus maximizing land utilization. An optional attitude sensor enables agricultural machinery to maintain high accuracy in special operating environments.

navigation system

  Product Features:

  NMEA positioning information transmission: Agricultural machinery automatic navigation system can transfer the positioning information of agricultural machinery to other agricultural machinery, machinery and tools and other equipment, to achieve dynamic precision calibration in the operation.

  Split screen display of job video: split screen viewing of the real picture and virtual picture of the job, both of which can ensure the quality of the job.

  Line + curve mode: GNSS and inertial navigation system enable high precision operation of agricultural machinery within 2.5cm, which is suitable for line and curve operation mode under different terrain and conditions.

  Visual identification: Agricultural machinery automatic navigation system with visual camera, can accurately distinguish crops, weeds and obstacles, intelligent judgment and achieve precision pesticide spraying, intelligent obstacle avoidance and other high-tech applications.


  One-key U-turn: click the left and right arrows of the terminal of the automatic navigation system of agricultural machinery to realize automatic U-turn and steering.

  Cross-row automatic driving: automatic driving function, including path planning + automatic U-turn, no need to touch the steering wheel in the whole process, U-turn requires nearly half of the field space, the final edge area is less, easier and more efficient operation.


  Advanced Terrain Compensation-Operation Projection: The IMU sensor can accurately calculate the real-time attitude of agricultural machinery, which can effectively reduce the heavy tillage and missing tillage of agricultural machinery in special environments such as undulating terrain, slope and rough ground.

  GIS operation map import/export: The operation map can be imported to Jinfeng Technology equipment, and the historical operation data of other devices can be imported through the data transfer function.

  Our Advantages

  Easy installation, quick and convenient: refer to the installation video, complete installation within 30 minutes.

Driving system

  The signal is stronger and more stable: the base station is worry-free, the signal is free; Network, mobile base station dual mode link, seamless switching; Support long time breakpoint life, can upgrade a card three wait.

Driving system

  Farming pipe full coverage: agricultural machinery automatic navigation system to adapt to various brands of agricultural machinery in the market, simple operation, operation data full view, integrated into the IOT ecosystem, to achieve farming pipe full life cycle services.


  Remote debugging, easier maintenance: agricultural machinery automatic navigation system supports intelligent guidance, remote assistance, remote upgrade.


  Product components

Attitude sensor

       Optional accessories

  Optional accessories

Optional accessories

  Mobile base station: Using advanced carrier phase differential technology and stable and efficient data transmission link, to meet the needs of users for accurate positioning. It provides high precision real-time dynamic relative positioning for agricultural machinery assistance and unmanned driving.

  Wi-fi camera

Wi-fi camera

  Check the real scene around the farm machinery, automatically sense the light intensity and turn on the infrared night vision to support all-weather operation, high-definition video 1080P resolution, the farthest transmission distance of about 20 meters.

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