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Jiangsu New north Modern Agriculture Industrial Park

  Are you still stuck in the impression of "facing the loess with your back to the sky" for agriculture? Still holding the question "who will farm the land in the future"? Jinfeng Technology has landed another agricultural Internet of Things solution, which subverts your imagination. Let's go to Changzhou, Jiangsu -- Xinbei Modern Agricultural Industrial Park. Let's take a look at the digital no-man farm.

  Jiangsu New north Modern Agriculture Industrial Park

Internet of Things in Agriculture

  Since its establishment in 2011, Xinbei Industrial Park has established itself as a national modern agriculture demonstration zone, covering 23,000 mu of high-standard farmland, and achieving remarkable results in the construction of a core area of 5,000 mu.

  In Xinbei Industrial Park, Jinfeng Technology has deployed unmanned agricultural machines to cover the whole process of cultivation and pipe collection. Using high-precision surveying and mapping technology, a three-dimensional real model of unmanned farm is created and presented on the platform to provide immersive interactive experience. The platform supports distributed deployment, including agricultural machinery management, e-commerce platform, agricultural product traceability, smart farming, circular agriculture and other subsystems.

Internet of Things in Agriculture


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