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Jiangsu Liyang Haibin Cooperative

  Autumn rustling, rice fragrance, on October 30, located in Liyang City, Jiangsu Province, Biqiao town Haibin agricultural machinery cooperative unmanned farm, a busy harvest scene, intelligent unmanned rice harvester, is busy in the paddy field, and the cab is empty, automatic turning, reversing, harvesting......

Unmanned harvesting machine

  On the other side, intelligent unmanned plant protection machine, also along the road, according to the set of route automatic driving to the job field, the saw the driver was empty of plant protection machine, automatically open arms, along the furrow impartial, straight to the front, until the other side of the farm, automatic, accurate to the line of turning, continue, spraying soon kung fu, A whole field has been completed and automatically stopped at the designated head of the field.

Unmanned harvesting machine

  In the distance, the unmanned rice transplanter also began to busy, automatically into the operation plot, and in accordance with the planned route......

  This led by agricultural NongCunBu nanjing institute of agricultural mechanization, combined agricultural machinery test appraisal station in jiangsu province, jiangsu province, agricultural machinery and application development center, goldwind science and technology research institute jointly build the field of "unmanned" all the machinery and equipment and technology solutions for mid site presentation won good forecast results, It provides a reliable verification standard for the development of key technologies in the "Unmanned Intelligent Equipment and Technology Demonstration Project for the whole Field operation of rice and wheat rotation", and lays a technical foundation and demonstration standard for the subsequent construction and operation mode of unmanned farm to be promoted to the whole province.


  In this live demonstration, Jinfeng Technology provided agricultural robots that can cover the full range of "tillage, pipe and harvest" operations in rice and wheat rotation, including: Intelligent unmanned tractor, intelligent unmanned rice transplanter, intelligent unmanned plant protection machine and intelligent unmanned harvester can realize automatic path planning and automatic operation functions through the Beidou satellite positioning system, and can remotely monitor operation parameters and upload operation quality to the cloud platform in real time.


  This site demonstration obtained good expected results, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural related leaders also observed the whole process of the demonstration at the site, and delivered an important speech. After watching the demonstration operation of Jinfeng Technology unmanned agricultural machinery, the leaders of the provincial department discussed the development of intelligent agricultural machinery in the future with related personnel of Jinfeng Technology.

Unmanned farm machine

  Jinfeng technology company since December 2020 and agricultural NongCunBu nanjing institute of agricultural mechanization, agricultural machinery test appraisal station, agricultural machinery and implement of jiangsu province since cooperation agreement, application development center, through the key technology research for the joint, has basically completed the key link of rice-wheat rotation "farming tube" unmanned operation equipments integrated development all the way, It provides a good technical basis for the acceptance of this project.

  As a leading provider of agricultural unmanned, intelligent and digital solutions in China, Jinfeng Technology Co., Ltd. has commercialized a full set of agricultural robots, as well as a comprehensive unmanned farm decision-making scheme based on agricultural robots, including agricultural conditions, agricultural affairs, moisture and climate. Jinfeng Technology is dedicated to freeing humans from heavy manual labor.

Unmanned farm machine

  Next, Jinfeng Technology will continue to innovate intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment. Through intelligent technology, Jinfeng technology will improve operation efficiency, ensure the operation quality of unmanned machines and tools in the process of rice and wheat rotation, improve the operation level of agricultural machinery, and promote rural revitalization.


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  Jinfeng Intelligent Technology is a robotics company focused on digitalization, automation and new energy. We are committed to building useful and affordable robots for the most labor-intensive industries, using our technology to drive carbon neutrality and improve people's work environments. Our technology has been widely used in agr···

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