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Wuhan Asian Heart General Hospital

  Recently, in order to support Wuhan epidemic prevention battle, Jinfeng Technology disinfection robot "applied for battle" again, this time the battlefield is no longer a temporary public area, but a place with higher requirements for the effect of elimination - Wuhan Asian Heart General Hospital.

disinfecting robot

  Through the teaching guidance of the staff, the head of the hospital quickly learned to use. By setting the disinfection path and configuring different types and times of disinfection, the robot can perform autonomous disinfection.

disinfecting robot

  Hospital director said, "Through the use of Jinfeng technology intelligent disinfection robot, the hospital's disinfection work has become more simple and efficient, especially under the epidemic situation, the disinfection effect is also more reassuring."


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  Jinfeng Intelligent Technology is a robotics company focused on digitalization, automation and new energy. We are committed to building useful and affordable robots for the most labor-intensive industries, using our technology to drive carbon neutrality and improve people's work environments. Our technology has been widely used in agr···

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