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Intelligent agricultural science Park

  In order to promote the sustainable development of modern agriculture and realize the digitalization of agricultural production resources, accurate management and scientific decision-making, Su Ken Nongfa and Jinfeng Science and Technology decided to establish a long-term strategic cooperative partnership after communication and communication, and formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement in May 2019.

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  This strong alliance, both parties will join hands to build a smart agricultural science and technology park, the park planning area of 2000 mu, settled in Suken Linhai branch. Agricultural production in the park will take intelligence as the theme, apply the platform developed by Jinfeng science and technology, and apply unmanned driving, automatic navigation, remote control and other agricultural machinery throughout the whole process, which will take an important step to realize the mechanization of agricultural production.

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  Agricultural modernization is the inevitable trend of Chinese agricultural development. Jinfeng science and technology hopes to further promote the construction of wisdom park, and to demonstrate the development of wisdom agriculture for our country, to promote the process of our agricultural unmanned and intelligent development!


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  Jinfeng Intelligent Technology is a robotics company focused on digitalization, automation and new energy. We are committed to building useful and affordable robots for the most labor-intensive industries, using our technology to drive carbon neutrality and improve people's work environments. Our technology has been widely used in agr···

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