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Dealer partner with Jinfeng 2004 tractor daily

  Through the fields, through the fertile soil, through the love of the seasons of the earth! New farmers and Fengjiang 2004 together, measuring the foot of every inch of land, cultivating every hope in the heart, they and Jinfeng technology 2004 intelligent tractor has what kind of daily, come and see!

  Coordinate: Shuangliao, Jilin

  Type of operation: baling operation

  "This car is superior in every way," said the user.

  In September this year, I bought this Jinfeng Technology 2004. At the beginning, many people around me have low acceptance of smart products, inevitably have doubts, some people specially came to see my bundling operation, see I can get down from the car to pick up the bag room, but also take a video of what, does not affect the effect of the operation, everyone is convinced.

4 wheel drive tractor

  I have owned a car for many years, and there are several tractors in my family. Compared with other cars, Jinfeng Technology 2004 has obvious advantages in all aspects. Large horsepower, power enough, baling, deep loose, spin, ridge and other operations are capable. And this car is equipped with the enhanced independent double acting clutch, the operation is very light, in the operation of the fault rarely.

  I am old enough to learn how to drive this smart tractor. Young people must learn faster. I hope more people can come back to the countryside and help local farmers with smart farm machines, leading the whole village to become rich.

  Coordinate: Bazhou, Xinjiang

  Type of work: plowing work, flat work

  The user said: "comfortable operation is done!"

  Now the rural population is aging seriously, and the people driving agricultural machinery around me are all in their 40s and 50s. I am the youngest among them. Considering the shortage of labor force in the future, I noticed Fengjiang Intelligent with the introduction of my friends. Seeing the help of Fengjiang Intelligence to agricultural operations, I immediately bought a Jinfeng technology 2004 tractor.

4 wheel drive tractor

  Before spring ploughing, the ground is to rely on it to complete, the biggest feeling is comfortable. Adjustable front and rear shock-absorbing seats and dual use stereo surround air conditioning, give us the most adequate comfort. In addition, the autopilot system is pre-installed with auxiliary driving, so you can look at your mobile phone while working, and do nothing.

  We often need to work continuously for 24 hours, we have to do the work, with the Jinfeng Technology 2004 tractor, the power is big, work hard, never tired. My son also likes to ride in the 2004, having them with me makes my homework easier!

  Coordinate: Mengcheng City, Anhui Province

  Type of work: deep turning work, rotary tillage work

  "Intelligent driving, saving manpower, is the first choice of our farmers," said the user.

Intelligent tractor

  I am 35 years old. I like to watch short videos on Douyin. I have been paying attention to Xiao Feng for a long time and often listen to her introduction of Jinfeng Technology tractors. I've loved this 2004 ever since I bought it.

  It is said that men are like machinery, I am no exception, in the selection of tractors, the most important is the configuration of machinery. The 2004 I chose is a higher configuration, reliable quality, higher security. It is most suitable for rotary tillage and deep turning.

  Coordinate: Changling, Jilin Province

  Job type: Package job

  The user said: 'Working with navigation is so easy and I have an extra income!'

  My 2004 tractor, just over two months old, is mainly used for packing rotary tillage. This is my first car, I chose the intelligent agricultural machine, and it did not let me down.

Intelligent tractor

  Although I had never encountered it before, under the guidance of the professional staff of Jinfeng Technology, I soon learned how to use the 2004 tractor with navigation. Now the labor intensity is reduced and the operation efficiency is also improved. After doing farm work for your own family, you can also do odd jobs for other people's families, and you can have an extra income.


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