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Best oil change time for Cummins generator set

  Many customers trust the quality of Cummins very much, so they choose to buy Cummins diesel generator set, but if the unit goes back, the customer does not have normal maintenance, maintenance, no matter how good the quality of the unit will also have problems.

  So how to identify the performance of Cummins generator set

  1. Durability index refers to the limit time when the main parts of diesel engine are worn to the point that they cannot continue to work normally in the working process. It is usually measured by the service life of a diesel engine.

  The service life of diesel engine, i.e. the overhaul period of diesel engine, refers to the cumulative operation time of diesel engine from the beginning of use to the first overhaul. The service life of diesel engine for generator set is generally 6000-8000h

  2. Reliability index refers to the index of the normal and continuous working ability of the diesel engine under the specified service conditions. It is generally expressed by the number of non-stop failure, the number of shutdown failure and the replacement of major parts and non-major parts within the guarantee period. The non-fault guarantee period of generator set and diesel engine is generally 500 to 2000h.

  Product Features: High voltage Cummins generator set is divided into diesel, heavy oil dual use, with high voltage regulation precision, good dynamic performance, voltage waveform distortion small, high efficiency, compact structure, easy maintenance, reliable work, long service life, good economic performance and so on


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