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Methods for removing carbon deposits from diesel generators

  As one of the emergency power supply equipment, diesel generator is often burned out during operation. In order not to be affected in the actual use process, to avoid the diesel generator set burned in operation, in addition to taking the necessary technical protection measures before operation, also adopt the following effective ways:

  First, maintain the health of the generator set

  Diesel generator set in operation, if there is dust, water stain and other debris into its interior, will form short circuit medium, can damage the wire insulation layer, cause short circuit between turns, current increases, temperature rises and burn diesel generator set. Therefore, dust, water stains and other debris should be prevented from entering the diesel generator set, but also often to clean the external diesel generator set, do not let dust and other debris in the radiator bar of the diesel generator set, to ensure that the heat dissipation of the diesel generator set is in good condition.

  Two, frequently observe, listen carefully, smell odor immediately shut down

  Observe whether the diesel generator set has vibration, noise and abnormal smell. In the operation of diesel generator set, especially high-power diesel generator set, it is necessary to often check whether the anchor bolt, diesel generator set end cover, bearing gland and so on are loose, and whether the grounding device is reliable. If the diesel generator unit is found to have aggravated vibration, increased noise and peculiar smell, it must be shut down as soon as possible to find out the cause and troubleshoot.

generator set

  Three, keep the working current of the diesel generator set is not large

  Diesel generator set due to excessive load, low voltage or driven mechanical stuck will cause diesel generator set overload operation. Therefore, in the operation of diesel generator set, we should pay attention to check whether the transmission device is flexible and reliable; Whether the concentricity of the connecting shaft is standard; The flexibility of gear transmission, if there is a stuck phenomenon, should be immediately shut down after troubleshooting.

  Iv. Check and maintain control equipment of diesel generator set regularly

  The technical status of the control equipment of diesel generator sets plays a decisive role in the normal start-up of diesel generator sets. Therefore, the control equipment of diesel generator set should be located in a dry, ventilated and easy to operate position, and regular dust removal. Often check whether the contactor contacts, coil core, wiring screws and so on are reliable, and whether the action of the mechanical part is flexible, so as to keep it in good technical condition, so as to ensure the smooth work of the diesel generator set without being burned.

  Five, often check the temperature of the diesel generator set in operation

  It is necessary to regularly check whether the bearing of the diesel generator set is overheating and lacking of oil. If the temperature rise near the bearing is found to be too high, it should be stopped immediately for inspection. There is no crack, scratch or loss on the surface of the rolling body and raceway of the bearing, whether the bearing clearance is too large shaking, whether the inner ring rotates on the shaft, etc. If the above phenomenon occurs, the bearing must be updated.

  Vi. Check regularly whether the three-phase current of the diesel generator set is balanced

  In order to ensure the safe operation of a three-phase asynchronous diesel generator set, the difference between any phase current and the average value of the other two phases of the three-phase asynchronous diesel generator set is not allowed to exceed 10%. If it exceeds the threshold, it indicates that there is a fault in the diesel generator set. It is necessary to find out the cause and remove the fault before operation.


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