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Digital farm Internet of Things solution

  Overall architecture of digital farm Internet of Things

  With intelligent agricultural robots as the core, supplemented by intelligent Internet of Things terminals, and digital visualization platform as the top-level interaction, the farm operation and environmental conditions are comprehensively monitored, agricultural information management is improved, and digital analysis is used to achieve accurate operation, precise irrigation, agricultural product traceability, scientific early warning, and support digital operation, so as to truly build a digital farm.

Agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery

  Agricultural new hands and feet unmanned intelligent farm machine

  Intelligent agricultural machines realize unmanned and precise operation, which is a key part of digital agriculture. The monitoring platform analyzes the agricultural production data and displays the operation path of agricultural machinery in real time, which ultimately effectively reduces the labor force, improves the operating environment, and improves the efficiency and quality of the operation.

  New eyes for agriculture Agricultural iot monitoring

  Comprehensively monitor the meteorological, soil and water environment in the region, and build a 3D real scene model. Support agricultural operation effect statistics, analysis of historical data to achieve intelligent scheduling, digital monitoring of the whole process of production, support agricultural traceability and scientific prediction.

  Agricultural New Brain Agricultural digital analysis

  Mining agricultural data, using intelligent algorithms to analyze crop growth. Early warning of diseases and pests, yield estimation, cultivated land quality inspection and drought early warning were realized.


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