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Intelligent guidance system of 3D excavator makes engineering operation easier

  With the development of modern information technology, GPS assisted technology is no longer limited to the automobile industry known to the public, and many traditional manufacturing and construction machinery fields have also entered the era of information change. In recent years, our intelligent auxiliary technology has been deepening in the field of engineering, especially in the auxiliary technology of excavators has made great progress.

  Today, Xiaobian is for you to understand how 3D intelligent mining guidance and control system is accurate and efficient to assist the excavator to work more efficiently and conveniently.

  3D intelligent mining guide control system


  Guide positioning technology to achieve accurate university construction

  Through 3D model algorithm and measurement sensor technology, combined with Beidou high-precision positioning, to achieve accurate construction guidance, construction error ±2.5cm. 3D visual guidance technology, through real-time animation assisted construction, no repeated measurement and rework, greatly saving manpower, improve work efficiency.

  Task visualization to ensure construction quality

  The baseline assist enables the operator to more intuitively grasp the height and position of the bucket, so that each excavation can be completed more accurately and improve operational efficiency. Construction drawings can be downloaded to the system through cloud analysis to assist construction operations, visually viewing operation tasks, operation progress, slope, depth and construction reference point to ensure construction quality.


  Slope depth can be preset, digging ditch, brush slope in one step

  There is no need for the guidance of surveyors, no need to bury piles or pull lines, and the operator can set the slope depth while sitting on the seat. The terminal displays the position information of the shovel tip in real time. The operator only needs to place the shovel tip at the position to be checked in the cab to complete the inspection work of the construction surface. Efficient and accurate trench digging, slope brushing can almost be in place in one step!

  Support design file import to realize independent construction planning

  Support the import of construction documents, can be the demand side of the construction design drawings into the system, at the same time upload Fengjiang cloud platform automatic file analysis, the excavator can refer to the design data for mining, accurate construction operations.

guide control system

  Equipped with terminal site design function, no mapping personnel input

  Engineers do not need to map and design documents, operators can use the excavator and terminal design easily generate site construction documents and accurate construction.

  In traditional excavator engineering projects, at least 3-4 manpower are needed to monitor and operate each link, which has high technical requirements for operators and high labor costs. In the relatively dangerous engineering environment, the risk factor is greatly increased, which is not conducive to the safety of construction personnel.

  After the installation of the excavator auxiliary system, it can effectively save manpower, without the need for the operator to update iteratively. Through the intelligent and unmanned technology, it can effectively liberate the hands of the construction personnel and achieve cost reduction and income increase.


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