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2004 Tractor - New Farmer's hardcore farm machine

  The east wind blows green grass, thousands of miles of spring ploughing, and it is the season for new farmers to bask in their equipment. Today let's take a look at the northeast granary Jilin new farmers are using what hardcore agricultural machinery?

  First, good service is to save your mind

  The first uncle is from Shuanglong Village, Sanjun Township, Fuyu City, Jilin Province, which is located in the northeast of Songnen Plain, the granary of northeast China. This plain area is a natural granary with no mountains but only hills and mountains.

  The man in Ssangyong village, Buyeo City, has many years of driving experience in agricultural machinery, but this is the first time he bought Fengjiang intelligent agricultural machinery, this time he bought the 2004 intelligent tractor known as the "king of dry land".


  Talking about why to buy Fengjiang 2004 intelligent tractor, Uncle told Xiaobian with a smile, he initially chose Jinfeng Technology because of the cost performance, in the same price of high-horsepower tractors, the new upgraded version of the 2004 tractor can be said to be a ride out of dust in terms of configuration and performance, and there are large subsidies.


  The uncle was also satisfied with the driving experience in 2004. The cab and hood of the upgraded version of 2004 intelligent tractor have been upgraded to the high-quality suppliers in the heavy industry. It is equipped with dual heating and cooling three-dimensional surround air conditioning, with skylight design, and the adjustable shock absorption operation before and after and the adjustable Angle steering wheel. Uncle also gave a high evaluation, with a wide vision, comfortable driving and good closure.

  He ordered this tractor before the end of autumn, and someone sent it to his home as soon as it was finished. After the harvest, it could still be used to crush the straw, which improved the operation efficiency a lot. Purchased for more than a year, 2004 never had a big problem, occasionally encountered small problems, after-sales and customer service are always asked questions, the answer is fast and professional. Uncle said with a smile, bought 2004, is to save time, labor, but also worry.

  Jinfeng Technology insists on putting the needs of users in the first place, providing multi-channel precise service online, reporting for repair with one click of code scanning in the after-sale mini program, 400 official hotline + exclusive customer service wechat to handle users' consultation information at any time, and dispatching service personnel offline, with a total of 25+ quick repair service teams nationwide, all of which are holders of agricultural machinery professional certificates. For every farmer to solve the worries.

  Two, easy to learn high efficiency and strong function

  Another user Uncle from Qianqi Town, Changling County, Jilin Province, he bought Fengjiang intelligent 2004 tractor, just bought more than two months, mainly used for bract rotary tillage. This was his first car, but under the guidance of professional staff, he got to grips with it very quickly, and also quickly unlocked the navigation function, reducing the labor intensity and improving the working efficiency.

  As for why he chose Jinfeng Technology 2004, Uncle Changling told Xiaobian that he was attracted by Jinfeng Technology's agricultural machinery automatic driving system. Compared with the manual control of the ordinary tractor, the operating system supporting intelligent navigation is the core of the intelligent tractor. The automatic driving system of this agricultural machine pre-installed in 2004 is simple to operate, supports remote debugging, and the working accuracy can reach 2.5cm. Uncle Changling can even work while playing with his mobile phone.


  The updated version of 2004 adopts 24+8 multi-gear mode, which can almost meet all kinds of operation speed requirements. The lowest speed can reach 5 meters /min, and the highest speed can reach 38km/h. Uncle Changling can use it to tie the bud and rotary tillage no problem.

  In addition, the upgraded version of 2004 is equipped with Weichai high-pressure common rail engine, and equipped with Bosch electronically controlled high-pressure common rail fuel system. The torque reserve coefficient is up to more than 30%, which optimizes the engine speed, provides faster power response, lower fuel consumption, and can adapt to various harsh working conditions, making the operation more efficient. Uncle Changling said that after he had done farm work for his own family, he could also do odd jobs for other families.

  New farmers unanimously choose Fengjiang 2004 intelligent tractor, is a tacit understanding, but also the recognition of Jinfeng technology, Fengjiang intelligent will always use excellent performance and quality service to reward users.


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