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The DMV has a smart killer robot

  Sichuan Motor Vehicle Administration took the lead in introducing Jinfeng Technology intelligent disinfection robot to replace manual work with killing robot, avoid cross infection at the same time, to achieve the goal of reducing cost and increasing efficiency. For the DMV internal staff, as well as to deal with the business of the public friends built a new "line of defense".

  According to reports, the introduction of Jinfeng technology intelligent killing robot is widely used in all walks of life, including but not limited to hotels, stations, airports, hospitals, restaurants, institutions and so on, to provide a comprehensive public security scheme. The robot can operate intelligently and automatically throughout the whole process, which is of great significance for cutting off the virus transmission chain and weaving dense virus protective net.

  Compared with the traditional manual killing operation, Jinfeng intelligent killing robot can realize 24H reservation operation, regular disinfection, autonomous cruise, to ensure the frequency and scope of killing reach the standard, while greatly saving human resources.

disinfection robot

  In the process of killing, the intelligent killing robot can intelligently plan the path and comprehensively realize autonomous obstacle avoidance by relying on the visual 3D combined with the radar scheme. When a pedestrian passes or stops in front of it, the intelligent killing robot will receive the obstacle information from the road ahead in the first time, and independently re-plan the route without the intervention of staff.

  The disinfection efficiency of intelligent disinfection robot is also incomparable to the traditional artificial disinfection, 3000ml/h spray volume, 1000m disinfection only takes 15 minutes, and its capacity is up to 16L, the spray volume can be automatically controlled, atomized particles up to 3-5 microns, on the one hand to ensure that there is no dead Angle, on the other hand to ensure that the spray disinfectant will not be attached to the human body. The impact on pedestrians.

disinfection robot

  Compared with the general kill robot, Jinfeng intelligent kill robot has the advantages of rapid deployment, low learning cost of staff, no need to post the two-dimensional code on the intelligent kill robot's route, only through the mobile phone or tablet 5-10 minutes can be deployed, and then the intelligent kill robot can complete the whole process of autonomous kill operation.

  Workers who want to change the mission of a smart kill robot during its operation can easily deploy it through remote control. When the robot has low water level or low power in the process of elimination, it will automatically return to the pile, and the staff can also real-time remote monitoring.


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