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Intelligent disinfection Robot helps fight COVID-19

  Since the outbreak of the epidemic, people's demand for sterilization has gradually spread from medical places to all kinds of offline scenes, but sterilization is far from as simple as imagined, to achieve the ideal sterilization effect is often very technical test.

  Disinfection work in large public places is generally completed by manual work, such as shopping malls, stations, hospitals and other large public places with high passenger flow and dense crowds, need to carry out disinfection work in large area, high frequency, heavy tasks, quality and efficiency of disinfection is often difficult to control, and there is a great risk of exposure for staff. Artificial killing is not a long-term solution. Promoting intelligent killing has become an optimal path to reduce cost and throttle and increase efficiency.

Intelligent disinfection Robot

  In order to solve the problems caused by artificial elimination and provide safety guarantee for the resumption of production, Jinfeng Technology has launched the triple intelligent disinfection robot solution of "ultra-dry atomization disinfection +UVC ultraviolet disinfection + plasma air purification".

  Triple wisdom kill, 360° no dead Angle kill

  The triple disinfection robot integrates three disinfection modes: ultra-dry atomization disinfection, UVC ultraviolet disinfection and plasma air purification. The three modes can be switched and matched at will to match the diversified requirements of users under different scenarios.

  The top of the disinfection robot is equipped with 6 groups of atomizing nozzles. Under the addition of the atomizing nozzles, the atomizing volume can reach five times that of the ordinary atomizing robot, and the space of 1000m can be easily disinfected within 15 minutes. In addition, it is equipped with intelligent dry-burning function, when there is low liquid level inside the container will automatically alarm, to protect the safety of the internal structure and users.

  Four sets of UVC UV lamps are mounted on the side of the body. The average UV radiance at 1m in front of the lights exceeds 200W/cm, which can directly destroy the molecular structure of bacterial and viral cells and make the cells unable to regenerate, thus killing pathogenic microorganisms in the space in an all-around way.

  At the same time, the robot supports the plasma air purification function, and the composite double-layer filter screen is designed to filter PM2.5 particles efficiently. Set three disinfection mode in one, can perfectly adapt to all kinds of disinfection demand scenarios, so that the elimination work more efficient, more thorough, more targeted.

Intelligent disinfection Robot

  Intelligent pedestrian monitoring to ensure environmental safety

  The fuselage is equipped with high-precision laser radar, which can monitor all pedestrians within a radius of 2 meters in real time after the disinfection mode is turned on, and intelligent UVC UV disinfection mode is turned off to ensure the safety of people in the environment.

  Man-machine separation, automatic elimination plan

  The built-in panel supports the appointment of disinfection tasks, including the setting of disinfection route, disinfection time and disinfection mode. One appointment can be customized periodically, and the subsequent whole process of disinfection does not require manual intervention, truly achieving man-machine separation, preventing cross infection and strengthening medical protection. In addition, after the disinfection task is completed, it can automatically return to the charging pile to charge, and realize 7x24 hours of all-day work, so as to relieve the worries caused by insufficient power for users.

  It can adapt to all kinds of kill demand scenarios, support the appointment of customized kill plan and automatic recharge, which is the embodiment of the humanization of the function. The intelligent closing and killing mode after monitoring pedestrians is the embodiment of user care and health protection. The disinfection effect is through layers of experimental data control, unequivocal.

  In Guangdong Microbiology Testing Center, the disinfection effect and safety of the disinfection robot have been certified by the authority, obtained the CMA certificate issued by it, and completed the registration of disinfection products. This proves that it can perform very well in its job of elimination, and combined with the support of a variety of functions, the disinfection robot to the extreme.

  The automatic killing operation greatly improves the killing quality and efficiency, and will liberate the killing personnel from the dangerous exposure environment and complicated work. The application scenarios of disinfection robots include business areas, transportation hubs, office buildings, hospitals and other scenarios, providing a solid guarantee for people's life, health and safety. At present, triple disinfection robot has been put into use in many hospitals, greatly alleviating the dilemma of shortage of medical staff, and creating an efficient solution for non-contact indoor disinfection service.


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