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Intelligent compound precision planter - to achieve double harvest of crops in one season to enhance energy and efficiency

  Soybean expansion, corn fight for land. How to maximize the potential of a piece of land? Compound precision seeding is imperative!

  Jinfeng intelligent compound precision drill can achieve collaborative symbiosis of crops and double harvest in one season, solve problems such as uneven sowing, blockage and poor straightness during traditional mechanical sowing, improve agricultural production, and help increase grain yield with high efficiency.


  Automatic navigation + seeding monitoring - dual support is widely applicable

  Jinfeng intelligent compound precision drill consists of automatic navigation system and seeding monitoring system. Can also be used as an automatic navigation system alone, a system for dual use, convenient, fast, cost saving. Suitable for most planters on the market, wide applicability.

The navigation system

  The automatic navigation system is the star product of Fengjiang, "Jiangyu agricultural machinery automatic driving system", realizing the intelligent auxiliary driving of the seeder, which not only ensures the operating accuracy of ±2.5cm, but also liberates the hands and reduces the operating burden of the driver.

The navigation system

  The seeding monitoring system is to monitor and feedback the operation information of soybean, corn and other crops, which can not only realize the seed fertilizer control, but also realize the stepless adjustment of seeding speed, precision seeding, and further save agricultural costs.

The monitoring system

  12km/h high speed seeding - accurate and even

  When the traditional mechanical seeder is sowing at high speed, the ground wheel slipping and other problems will cause the error of plant spacing to increase, so the general sowing speed can only be controlled at about 6km/h, affecting the sowing efficiency.


  Jinfeng intelligent compound precision planter system adopts two core technologies: the fusion technology of GPS/ Beidou navigation and ground wheel testing, and the parameter self-learning technology based on neural network, which effectively avoids the plant spacing error caused by ground wheel slipping. Even at a high speed of 12km/h, the accuracy of sowing depth and spacing can reach more than 98%.

Beidou navigation

  Parameter modes easily toggle - the more flexible the more powerful

  The operation interface of Jinfeng intelligent compound precision drill is simple and clear, which is convenient for farmers to get started quickly when using it for the first time. The use of graphical operation instructions, can realize the flexible switching of multiple interfaces.

Graphical operation

  Multi-mode one-key setting

  Through the operation interface, lines 1-6 can be set as soybean, or corn, or off, to achieve a variety of modes such as whole corn, whole soybean, corn and soybean composite mode. The control module can also set the parameters of the same crop with one key, which can better meet the needs of different users and different regions.

Graphical operation

  Multi-parameter independent control

  In the main operation interface, maize and soybean plant spacing, fertilizer per mu and fertilizer correction parameters can be set and adjusted separately, can be fine tuned by "±" button, can also be clicked to adjust in the form of input, more convenient and faster.

Independent control

  Cloud platform construction - standardized output increase

  This year, in order to achieve "corn does not reduce production, more than a season of beans" to actively promote soybean corn belt compound planting mode, and promote the corresponding subsidy policy, need to supervise the operation process of the seeder.

  Jinfeng intelligent agricultural machinery seeding monitoring platform can remotely monitor the state of seeder, compound seeding requirements, sowing acres, etc., for farmers, agricultural service, management departments, effectively achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase, expand the scale and output of agricultural production.

Monitoring platform

  This year, Mr. Niu tried to use the Jinfeng intelligent compound precision drill for the first time. Previously, it was mainly a single kind of corn. This year, under the promotion of the government, it planted about 100 mu of soybean and corn.

  "This compound sowing is really good, soybeans and corn are planted at a time, precision, sowing amount, fertilizer are controlled well, not only does not affect the growth of the original corn, but the growth of the two crops are better than before, is expected to yield more than 10%!"

Compound precision seed drill

  Precision sowing, fine harvest, high efficiency, precision, intelligent planter development trend in the future. Jinfeng intelligent compound precision drill to achieve high speed intelligent precision sowing, effectively for farmers to reduce costs, increase production and increase income.


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