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Smart farm machines help farmers prepare for spring ploughing

  The rain has passed, Awakening of Insects will come, all over the country into spring ploughing spring sowing season. Due to various reasons, such as the scattered emergence of the epidemic, this year's preparation work is not easy. In order to ensure the orderly development of spring ploughing in 2021, Jinfeng Intelligent has been working at full speed. With the help of unmanned black technology, the picture of spring ploughing has taken on another appearance...

  Technology ensures adequate preparation of intelligent agricultural machinery

  In order to improve the efficiency of agricultural production and alleviate the shortage of rural labor force, Jinfeng intelligent agricultural machinery is constantly being introduced into the field of agricultural production, to fully assist all aspects of farming, management and collection, and provide technical support. At present, in order to maximize the supply and demand of the market, Jinfeng Intelligent planned the factory in advance before the festival, systematically arranged the production rhythm after the festival, rapidly increased production capacity, and provided equipment support for spring tillage preparation.

  Last year, the reliability and performance advantages of Jinfeng intelligent tractor have been unanimously recognized by the majority of users. Relying on the autonomous driving system of Jiangyu agricultural machinery, the intelligent tractor has realized the unmanned accurate operation, which overturns the history that traditional tractors must completely rely on agricultural machinery operators to operate.

  Spring ploughing this year to the Fengjiang intelligent tractor to show its skill, from the south to the north, from paddy field to dry field, Jinfeng intelligent tractor can be perfectly adapted. Traditional mode, auxiliary straight driving, unmanned driving and other driving modes, horsepower range of 60~220 horsepower, mainstream configuration such as power steering, electronic control PTO, etc. The gear can be controlled electronically to achieve efficient fuel economy in different plots and operating environments.

  In order to prepare for spring ploughing, Jinfeng intelligent high-speed transplanter is upgraded with excellent intelligent configuration, which makes users' hands more relaxed. Pre-installed Jiangyu agricultural machinery automatic driving system, with self-developed high torque waterproof and dustproof motor, can realize automatic adjustment of the direction of travel, operation accuracy up to ± 2.5cm.

  Automatic planning operation path, realize unmanned driving; Support a key turn, auxiliary straight line and other operation modes, adapt to all kinds of irregular fields, intelligent and flexible.

  The whole system is equipped with 25 horsepower efficient diesel engine, imported electrically controlled fuel system, speed fluctuation is small, strong power, driving more smoothly; Low fuel consumption, energy saving and more efficient.

  In terms of accessories guarantee, in order to ensure the effective supply of accessories in the market, Jinfeng Intelligent has strengthened the rapid and effective deployment of key products and key regions this year to ensure timely and effective accessory support for the majority of users in the critical period of spring ploughing and sowing.

  Intimate service and high efficiency of technical training

  The overhaul and maintenance of agricultural machinery and tools is also an important measure to improve the mechanization level, ensure the quality of operation, promote agricultural production and increase farmers' income. In order to ensure the main role of agricultural machinery in spring tillage production, Jinfeng intelligent professional service team will run around the country during spring tillage, 24-hour preparation, close-fitting quick response, zero-distance service. Customer - oriented, quality to survive, try to serve spring farming!

The intelligent agricultural machinery

  Jinfeng Intelligent will also set up a "new farmer" training school to teach the daily maintenance and operation knowledge of agricultural machinery and tools to the majority of agricultural machinery technicians, improve the intelligent service ability of agricultural machinery technicians, and ensure the smooth progress of large-scale spring tillage and spring sowing operations.

  In 2020, the "New Farmer" training school has successfully held 62 sessions across the country, covering more than 10 provinces such as Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang, and completed the training of 1,600 customers and agricultural practitioners, cultivating a group of intelligent agricultural machinery practitioners with The Times. It is believed that in the spring ploughing of 2021, they will be seen all over the country.

  Spring sowing is a time for farmers to sow green and cultivate harvest. Jinfeng intelligent agricultural machinery, make all of these become more simple and efficient, greatly reduce the labor intensity of farmers, improve the accuracy of work, work efficiency and land utilization, help to realize the intelligent agricultural production and management, further promote agricultural efficiency and income increase.


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