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Digital Linguo Internet of Things solution

  The overall architecture of the Internet of Things

  Digital forest fruit Internet of Things decision system is a deep integration of digital monitoring and control technology of the Internet of things and modern forest and orchard, through the cloud platform and handheld terminal remote real-time monitoring of all aspects of the fruit planting process, so as to achieve an intelligent management service system for the whole agricultural operation process of the forest and orchard planting base from planting to harvesting.

Internet of Things

  Advantages of Solution

  Intelligent irrigation management system

  The intelligent irrigation system organically combines the digitalization of the Internet of Things with the traditional integrated water and fertilizer system. Through the cloud platform and handheld terminals, all links of the integrated water and fertilizer system are monitored remotely, thus realizing the intelligent management service system of precision irrigation, fertilization and medicine.

Intelligent irrigation management system

  Fruit traceability system

  The whole block chain traceability system is established. The whole upstream and downstream information of production, processing, transportation and sales is recorded on the block chain to ensure that the data can be found and cannot be tampered with. The database is formed by corresponding to the environmental information, operation information, soil moisture index, meteorological index and agricultural machinery operation record of the orchard, and the two-dimensional code is generated. By scanning the QR code, consumers can know all kinds of information about the agricultural products, so as to truly realize the information traceability of the whole life cycle of the agricultural products in the digital forestry and fruit industry Internet of Things.

  Intelligent terminal monitoring

  In the forest fruit operation area, the weather, moisture, insects, greenhouse environment and so on are comprehensively monitored, and the actual production operations are linked to establish a database;

  Through data analysis and algorithm, the closed-loop control such as intelligent irrigation and intelligent early warning is realized to support the digital management of orchards.

  Integrate IoT to analyze crop growth and operation quality, and provide data support for product traceability in the forest and fruit industry

ntelligent terminal monitoring

  Soil moisture and water quality monitoring

  All kinds of sensor terminals, including soil temperature and humidity, pH, electrical conductivity monitor and floating multi-parameter water quality monitor, are deployed in the forest fruit planting area to monitor soil moisture and water quality. At the same time, it can provide data support for intelligent irrigation system, greenhouse environment monitoring system and agricultural product quality traceability.

water quality monitoring


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