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Smart Ranch Internet of Things solution

  The overall architecture of the Internet of Things at Smart Ranch

  The scheme includes a multi-terminal system. Relying on the Internet of Things technology and data platform, sensor terminals collect all kinds of pasture information. After data algorithm processing, the digital control of pasture feeding management, manure treatment, environmental control, herd management, animal welfare and other systems can be realized to optimize pasture production management. The scheme system can be divided into control room mode, remote mode and intelligent hosting mode.


  Advantages of Solution

  Feeding management system

  To provide users with closed-loop feeding management, save feed, free manpower, improve efficiency.

  Ensure the freshness and palatability of imported food for livestock, improve feed utilization and animal productivity.

  Avoid human access to feeding channels, reduce feed contamination, reduce human and animal contact, and reduce the risk of transmission of human and animal contact comorbidity.


  Manure disposal system

  Providing closed loop cleaning services to users, especially for large modern ranches, can greatly reduce time and labor costs.

  To liberate workers from "dirty and smelly" work, while effectively improving the environment of the barn, improve human and animal welfare.

  High efficiency, low consumption, low noise, no pollution, pollution control at the same time to achieve manure recycling, green environmental protection.


  Herd management system

  Instead of manual identification of estrus, from a long time especially most of the night continuous manual observation, reduce worker fatigue.

  Improve the detection rate and accuracy of estrus, reduce the empty rate and mismatch rate, effectively reduce the waste of resources; Identify sick animals in time to avoid heavy losses.

  Higher estrus detection rates mean more calving and longer lactation, resulting in higher annual milk production.



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