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Intelligent disinfection robot into Changzhou Binjiang Park

  With no goggles and no protective clothing, it is a brave, wordless alternative to humans to fight the coronavirus. Lock on target, move forward, back and forth, left and right, next target... In the office area of Changzhou Binjiang Group, an intelligent disinfection robot that is spitting fog and flashing purple light is shuttling back and forth, skillfully and autonomously carrying out spray + ultraviolet "two-in-one" elimination of all areas. It is worth mentioning that in this park, there are many black technology products like this.

  Anti-epidemic "black technology" on duty to help smart prevention and control

  According to the introduction, this intelligent and modern scientific and technological equipment is a commercial robot product developed and produced by Jinfeng Technology, an enterprise in the park of Changzhou Binjiang Group. At present, Jinfeng Technology disinfection robot has become one of the main forces of epidemic prevention and control. In last year's epidemic prevention and control battle, it has been successively "on duty" in nucleic acid detection sites, hospitals, shopping malls and other places in Wuhan and Nanjing. Recently, the JINFeng Technology disinfection robot went to Hong Kong to help Hong Kong public hospitals and clinics designated for COVID-19 patients to fight the epidemic, and to help hospitals and clinics build a safety barrier against the epidemic.

  To some extent, the technology enabling epidemic prevention and control can be said to solve the "urgent need" of the government and enterprises, and the practice of Jinfeng Technology in agricultural wisdom and digital upgrading is worth mentioning. Since its establishment, Jinfeng Technology has focused on artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing and new energy robot research and development and manufacturing. In the field of agriculture, Jinfeng Technology has launched intelligent agricultural robots that are different from traditional agricultural machines to promote the development of technology-enabled agriculture.

  Digital agriculture is no longer on its back

  "When it comes to agriculture, many people may still remain under the impression of 'facing the loess and facing the sky with the back'. However, in recent years, the rise of digital agriculture, mechanization and intelligent agriculture have long changed the working state of farmers." Jinfeng Science and Technology Research Institute (Changzhou) Co., LTD. Wang Bo said.

  In 2021, a series of favorable policies, including the Outline of the Strategy for the Development of Digital Countryside and the Plan for the Development of Digital Agriculture and Rural Areas (2019-2025), have greatly promoted the informatization and digitalization of China's agriculture and rural areas. With a keen sense of smell, Jinfeng Technology seized the "window period" of development, actively invested in the construction of digital agriculture, and made use of artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing and big data technologies to realize the unmanned "farming, planting, managing and harvesting" of agricultural production.

  In addition to smart agriculture and commercial robot sector, Jinfeng Technology has helped many industry sectors to "change the number of smart", to improve the quality and efficiency of industrial development. In the intelligent animal husbandry sector, Jinfeng Technology provides unmanned management solutions for pasture and pig farms, and realizes completely unmanned management in feeding, estrus monitoring, animal welfare and other links. In the smart forest fruit sector, Jinfeng Technology deeply integrates the Internet of Things big data monitoring and control technology with the modern forest orchard, through the cloud platform and handheld terminal remote real-time monitoring of various links in the forest fruit planting process; In the smart fishery sector, its intelligent aeration system brings revolutionary innovation to the traditional aeration method, and effectively solves the problem of dissolved oxygen in high-density culture; In the digital construction section, landing 3D intelligent mining guidance and control system, intelligent piling guidance and control system, 3D intelligent compaction guidance and control system and other products, to build a digital construction cloud platform, truly create unmanned digital construction.

  Wisdom empowers towards Agricultural Development 4.0

  To promote the "intelligent transformation of data transformation", not only the forward-looking layout of enterprises, but also the supporting support of local industrial parks. "Since our company settled in Binjiang International Enterprise Port, we can obviously feel that the service here is gradually improving, and the supporting facilities are also gradually improving, which has greatly improved and supported our company to attract talents." "Wang Bo said.

  "The upgraded Baihui apartment and the international talent exchange center, residential and commercial facilities to be built in the future will be of great help to attract and retain talents, especially some technical talents from other places." In Wang Bo's opinion, Binjiang Group invested in the construction of talent apartment for Jinfeng Technology Changzhou Company to attract talent, talent retention provides unlimited possibilities. "Employees live in peace and stay will come naturally, solving our worries, so that our enterprises can concentrate on production, so that the development of enterprises with full momentum."

  For the future, Jinfeng Technology is full of confidence, with "digital" as the feature of modern agriculture 4.0 is undoubtedly the development trend. In Changzhou Xinbei Modern Agriculture Industrial Park, the digital unmanned farm jointly built by Jinfeng Technology and the park has demonstrated the higher industrial efficiency and more sustainable development mode of digital agriculture. Here, Jinfeng has given farmers in the industrial park access to unmanned farming machines that cover the entire process of farming and harvesting. At the same time, an intelligent digital platform supported by 5G communication, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies has been built to help "new farmers" who have mastered advanced technologies change from "relying on the sky to" working with the sky ".


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