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Trion S1 3D laser scanner debuts at double Exhibition in Germany

  Recently, the world's largest international surveying and mapping geographic information industry event -- INTERGEO 2022 and the world-renowned construction machinery industry event -- BAUMA 2022 have been launched in Germany. Jinfeng Technology, with its newly launched Trion S1 3D laser scanner, made an amazing appearance at the double exhibition. With its unique innovation, JINFeng Technology became the focus of attention at the two exhibitions.

3D laser scanner

  01 Start a new view

  According to the data, the global 3D laser scanner market is estimated to be $385 million by 2022 and is expected to reach $595 million by 2027, representing a CAGR of 9.1%.

  (Data source: ResearchAndMarkets)

3D laser scanner

  In the face of such huge market potential, as well as the huge demand for modeling, digitalization and mapping, there is still a lack of a high-precision, multi-functional and reasonably priced product on the market. Therefore, Jinfeng Technology has gone deep into construction, forestry, mining and other fields to study the pain points of various industries and launched this 3D laser scanner.

  Trion S1 3D laser scanner can scan 320,000 points per second, easily get high quality scanning point cloud, accuracy up to 0.8-2cm, not only support vehicle, ship, UAV, etc. It can also be used together with Trion Scan, a mobile control software, and Trion Metahub, a point cloud data processing software, to form an integrated solution from hardware to software. In terms of pricing, compared with similar products are also very competitive.

3D laser scanner

  "What sets the Trion S1 apart from other scanners on the market is that users can view the point cloud in real time with Trion Scan, our mobile control software tailored for the scanner." FJD Trion S1 3D laser scanner product manager April said.

  02 Wide range of applications

  Since its release, the FJD Trion S1 3D laser scanner has been working with other industry professionals to improve its efficiency, data accuracy and security, in addition to applications in the construction sector.

  Forestry survey

  Arup, a green and low-carbon building design firm based in Hong Kong, was faced with the challenge of measuring and capturing the multi-dimensional parameters of the slope forest for later online base planning. Using FJD Trion S1 3D laser scanner, it takes 18 minutes to complete the forest scanning of 12000 square meters.


  Measurement of reactor body

  Using a total station to measure the reactor is very time consuming because it requires multiple measuring points and the surveyor's measurements are prone to errors. South African firm SOM Mapping used an FJD Trion S1 3D laser scanner to scan the heap at 320,000 points per second, and a one-click calculation of the heap volume using point cloud data processing software Trion MetaHub.


  Underground mine passage

  Surveyors face a complex and dangerous environment when measuring tunnels, and are prone to losing critical data. A mining company uses FJD Trion S1 3D laser scanner to scan the mine path to obtain point cloud data. The efficiency of the whole working process is 8 times that of the traditional method, and the 3D model is generated with a higher sampling rate. The FJD Trion S1 3D laser scanner also supports remote control, reducing the risk of underground measurements.


  Following the show, the Trion S1 team was invited to participate in a seminar hosted by Geospace World where they shared industry trends, product potential and highlights of the scanner industry. This time, FJD Trion S1's intelligent, digital and innovative advantages are highlighted. In the future, FJD Trion S1 will continue to give full play to its creativity, provide the latest all-round technology and equipment for exploring global geospace, and explore the infinite potential of geospatial technology.


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