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Intelligent agricultural machinery supervision platform - a new engine to boost food production and harvest

  The wind blows thousands of layers of waves in the wheat field, another year's wheat harvest. In the unmanned farm of agricultural machinery cooperative in Yaozhou District, Tongchuan city, intelligent unmanned wheat harvester is busy in the wheat field. With the development of agricultural mechanization and digitalization, the intelligent agricultural machinery supervision platform system has gradually entered the public's vision. With the support of Jinfeng Science and Technology agricultural machinery supervision platform, the summer harvest work is proceeding in an orderly manner.


  In April this year, Jinfeng Technology connected with the seed management station of Yaozhou District and installed intelligent monitors on 30 harvesters of five agricultural machinery cooperatives in the district, thus establishing the Jinfeng Technology Yaozhou agricultural machinery supervision platform. In addition, the use of social service projects, participate in the platform management of harvesting machinery, can also get a subsidy of 20 yuan per mu. For reference, Yaozhou: Agricultural Machinery Supervision Platform Helps Wheat Grain Return to Warehouse in Summer Production


  Installed the agricultural machinery operation monitoring terminal can be connected goldwind farm machinery supervision platform, farmers can view the job details, real-time global visual supervision platform can help farmers to real-time monitoring, operation of agricultural machinery to harvest areas and at their own pace, by monitoring the standardization manipulation, so as to ensure their work quality, improve NongQing supervision efficiency. In addition, the T-Box terminal can be connected to Fengjiang agricultural service small program, which is convenient for farmers and operators to timely understand and obtain the feedback of agricultural machinery status, working direction, working speed, working depth and other agricultural machinery conditions.


  For cooperatives, with the help of Jinfeng Technology agricultural machinery supervision platform, one person can easily manage more than 100 agricultural machinery, reducing the management cost for cooperatives by more than 50%. At the same time, Jinfeng Science and Technology monitor can remove the repeated area in the operation process, accurately calculate the mu, attract more local agricultural operators to join the cooperative, improve the income of the cooperative, and promote the development of rural collective economy.

  Government departments can also make use of Jinfeng Technology Agricultural machinery supervision platform to supervise the operation status of farmers in time, accurately issue operation subsidies, reduce the process and cycle of farmers' application for subsidies, and improve administrative efficiency.


  The wind was blowing through the wheat fields. The ears of wheat were waving like golden waves. The air was full of the smell of harvest. With the help of science and technology, agriculture is no longer a hard work "facing the loess with the back to the sky", but a "xiangbobo" that gets higher output with lower input.

  In the future, Jinfeng Science and Technology agricultural machinery supervision platform will further connect with the modernization of agricultural production, promote the continuous improvement of agricultural mechanization level, the continuous optimization of agricultural machinery equipment structure, escort the improvement of agricultural quality and income, and help rural revitalization.


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