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Beidou agricultural navigation increases the "sense of science and technology" and improves the intelligence of agriculture

  It's spring plowing time again. Across the country, farmland shows signs of life. And Inner Mongolia farmland on the spring ploughing scene, with previous years have some different. A tractor equipped with Beidou agricultural navigation of Jinfeng Technology is driving in the fields. "Sense of science and technology" has become the new key word here.

Beidou navigation

  Spring tillage in Inner Mongolia is mainly seeding and film mulching. This year, local farmers, led by agricultural machinery cooperatives and regional leaders, have installed Beidou agricultural navigation on their tractors since spring ploughing began there. For days, tractors equipped with Beidou agricultural navigation have been driving on the vast farmland, plowing, sowing and laminating...... , has become the most "face-brushing" mechanical equipment in busy agricultural operations, and "Beidou agricultural navigation" has also become the most discussed topic among farmers.

Beidou navigation

  With Beidou agricultural navigation, farmers only need to set the walking route and mode, and the navigation can guide the tractor to carry out automatic control operations, so that the ploughing, sowing and film mulching can be completed easily, saving time and effort.

  "This navigation helps a lot." "Said a farmer who was mulching. "Although the film is not a very difficult job, but it is very time consuming, the efficiency of artificial film is not high, and has been staring at the film will go crooked, people are tired. With Fengjiang navigation, equivalent to more than a pair of eyes in the sky to help me, this driving is straight and steady. A lot of high efficiency at the same time, the effect is also a lot, the agricultural machinery navigation this spring ploughing depends on it."

Driving system

  "The installation of Beidou agricultural navigation is our 'intelligent' improvement of the tractor. After the Beidou agricultural navigation is installed on the tractor, it can not only meet the cultivation requirements of straight lines, curves, turns and diagonal, but also meet various needs including ridge building, sowing, film mulking and harvesting. It liberates the hands of farmers and improves the quality and efficiency of agricultural operations. It is our right-hand helper." The head of the local farm machinery said.

  Beidou Agricultural Navigation of Jinfeng Technology is an automatic driving system that supports Beidou, GPS and other multi-frequency satellite positioning. It adopts RTK positioning technology and adaptive artificial intelligence algorithm. Not only can control the steering to realize the auxiliary driving of the vehicle, but also can use the control of the vehicle throttle, brake, clutch, gearbox and operation department to realize the real sense of unmanned operation. Xinyu Beidou agricultural navigation supports one card, three waiting, stable signal, no dead Angle, labor-saving operation, fast speed. Xinjiang Beidou agricultural navigation supports intelligent guidance, remote assistance, upgrading, and easier maintenance. It not only supports linear and curved operation modes, but also can be upgraded to fully unmanned driving, which can effectively improve the efficiency of agricultural machinery operation.

Driving system

  It is understood that this year is the first large-scale installation and use of Jinfeng Technology Beidou agricultural navigation to assist agricultural operations. This is also an important link for the local government to implement the "smart agriculture" and "digital empowerment" policies to promote agricultural development. "This year, we have installed more than 20 Beidou agricultural navigation units, and the installation rate of tractors has reached 70 percent, greatly improving the level of intelligent operation. The use of Beidou agricultural navigation has played a great role in promoting the construction of digital agriculture and smart agriculture." Local agricultural machinery service cadre small Guo says.

  It is reported that the local will continue to promote the landing of more smart agriculture construction projects, covering the whole link of farmers' cultivation, management and harvest, further increase the "sense of science and technology" in agricultural production, promote intelligent agriculture, Jinfeng science and technology to make the development of science and technology really benefit farmers, help rural revitalization.


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