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Agricultural machine hand "wealth password" agricultural machine navigation, so easy to use

  Motor roar, tractor pulling machines in the farmland against the sun straight forward and NongJiShou sat in the cab and sliding mobile phone through a short video, sometimes turn to check operation effect, this is the scene of the field in nantong, unlike previous job status, income but launches, together to listen to a line of NongJiShou precious wealth.

  In 1998, "New Farmer" day high 42,000


  "Labor-saving, high precision, and much more efficient than manual labor."

  Born in 1998, Xiao Zhou has the typical characteristics of "new farmers" -- a high acceptance of intelligent agricultural machinery products. Out of his love for tractors, Zhou began driving them at the age of 19, and slowly he saw a future as an agricultural mechanic.

  Now, Xiao Zhou is the boss of an agricultural machinery service association, mainly for farmers to turn tillage, ditching, sowing and other operations, because of the quality of work, Xiao Zhou has a small reputation in the local business stream.

  He also calculated an account for us, in Nantong, to help people to open ditches is 70 yuan/mu, a day when the farm work is good, a machine can do 200 mu of land work, and he has 3 machines at the same time in the operation, income can be imagined.

  And all this, and agricultural machinery automatic driving system can not get out of the relationship, when talking about the advantages of Jiangyu, Xiao Zhou did not hesitate to say: "labor saving, high precision, compared with manual efficiency is also much higher." Because of the ability to drive automatically, the farm operator hardly needs to exert too much force, but also can give farmers satisfactory operation results.


  In 1995, the boy opened the ditch for two days

Automatic driving system

  "More accurate than the old driver, people also relaxed."

  95 years of Ma boss, so far has been driving six years of tractor. The opportunity to choose Jiangyu was to see that all of his friends had it on their cars. The effect of ditching made him excited. Now his three cars are all equipped with Jiangyu.

  For him, navigation products like Xinyu are already in urgent need. Even if the tractor is replaced, the navigation will be removed and replaced with a new machine.

  Ma boss said that according to their current work progress, it is no problem to help people open ditches 150 mu a day, a navigation money in two days will return to the capital, so he is in the choice of products, stability than price is more important.

Automatic driving system


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