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Winter pig farm warm is the key, pig master tell you heat preservation lamp can also be so intelligent!

  It is said that the first wave of cold air has gathered and is about to sweep across most of the country, ushering in a "cliff drop". Is your farm well insulated from the cold?

  No matter what stage pigs are in, they are afraid of the cold and the temperature difference between day and night. In cold weather, the growth of finishing pigs is slow, the performance of sows is decreased, and they are easy to get sick. Especially for newborn piglets, if the thermal measures are not in place, the survival rate will be greatly affected.

  However, sows and piglets have different temperature requirements. The traditional approach is to ensure the sows' temperature requirements on the whole house temperature, and to achieve rough control of local ambient temperature by manually adjusting the hanging height of insulation lamp. However, in the cold winter, in order to ensure the survival of piglets, simply run the heat preservation lamp 24 hours a day at full power, this simple and crude way brings a great waste of energy and electricity costs. And once the insulation lamp out of the problem, it will cause irreparable losses.

  A pig farm in Wuwei, Gansu province, also faces such a problem. How did they solve it?

  Wuwei City, Gansu Province

  This pig farm is located in Wuwei city, Gansu Province. It is jointly operated by the husband and wife. At present, it stocks 400 sows and produces more than 10,000 sows annually.

Heat lamp

  Each year, in order to keep the farm warm and warm in winter, the couple made adequate preparations by hanging wind shields over the doors and Windows of the barn, adding thick bedding where the pigs often lie, building a simple "housewithin-house" in the mother barn, and hanging insulation lamps on top of the hut. However, many problems still arose.

  So this year before the winter, the couple discussed to eliminate the traditional heat preservation lamp, replaced by Siwei cultivate intelligent heat preservation lamp. Siweken intelligent thermal insulation lamp is the first product in the industry that can be remotely controlled by APP. It has a built-in temperature probe to accurately control the ambient temperature and automatically regulate the bulb power without manual operation.

Heat lamp

  "Last winter, heavy snow, too cold, I did not go to the pig house in time to check, as a result of the heat lamp has been full power overload work, the result is broken, that litter of pigs are several sick, can make me feel bad." The owner's face pained to say, "so, this year we changed the Siwei cultivate intelligent thermal insulation lamp, it I set the pig in the system which day was born, the bulb will automatically adjust the temperature, there are abnormal situations will inform me in time, too convenient."

  The best part is I don't have to keep going back to Donchon

  The owner installed the intelligent thermal insulation lamp above the small room of each piglet, and then set the initial data on the plate system according to the instructions, input the date of birth of the piglet, set the automatic custody mode, and the intelligent thermal insulation lamp began to work.

Intelligent insulation lamp

  The built-in temperature probe on the lampshade will monitor the ambient temperature of the house in real time, and the system will set the temperature according to the age of the piglets, so that the lamp will automatically adjust the light intensity, so that the piglets are always in the most suitable temperature for growth.

  "You see, with this smart insulation lamp, I can directly check the operation of each lamp on the plate, no longer have to worry about the baby pigs will catch cold, and don't need to go to the house to adjust one by one, very smart and convenient." 'said madame happily.

Intelligent insulation lamp

  It also saves money on electricity and the bulbs are more durable

  At this time, standing beside the silent boss said, this insulation lamp in addition to intelligence, other aspects I am also quite satisfied. First of all, the aluminum alloy material and metal protective cover are very durable, and the pig farm environment is relatively bad. If the material is not good, it is easy to corrosion.

  The second is this stepless control, for the bulb is certainly good, can use longer, in general, 5000 hours is certainly no problem, even can reach 6000 to 8000 hours.

Intelligent insulation lamp

  "We used probably more than a month, the specific use how much electricity without it, but I every week to view statistical data through the backstage system, can see the length of the heat lamp work, and power, clearly than conventional insulation lights to save electricity, I roughly calculated, there are 50 heat lamp, electricity according to 0.493 yuan/kW · h, This month probably saved more than 1000 yuan, the amount is not too big, but for our current pig price, the money saved is profit. And this insulation is very important for the newborn piglets, the piglets raised well, do not get sick, also can help us save a lot of money, this is more useful than saving electricity!

  The boss paused for a moment, then continued: "This pig farm is our husband and I have worked hard for most of our life to make it bit by bit. The children in our family are still small. When we grow up, we are not willing to take over the pig farm because it is tired of working. We are getting older and older, sometimes some of the work is really a little powerless, but said to give up and not willing to do, can only insist. Now well, more and more intelligent products, even heat preservation lamp has become intelligent, can accurately control the temperature, remote control, let me this old people also trendy a, the future is the era of intelligent pig!"

Intelligent insulation lamp

  Yes, we are looking forward to using advanced technology to help traditional farmers better manage their pig farms, freeing them from heavy manual labor and reducing costs and improving efficiency. Vader Ken always upholds the concept and the effort, as a brand in one hundred, d Ken comes from Sweden, take root in China, based on intelligence, intelligence cultivation solution for pastures in the world, to create the plot friendly and intelligent management of pasture, in order to improve animal health and welfare, the rancher authors synergies, contribute to intelligence, the animal husbandry sustainable development.


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