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Unocal product advantage

NMEA location information

Realize dynamic precision calibration in operation。

Visual identification

Equipped with a visual camera, it can accurately identify crops, weeds and obstacles。

A key back

Automatic navigation system terminal left and right arrow to achieve automatic turning。

Cross-line automatic driving

Path planning + automatic turn-around without touching the steering wheel。



Precise intelligent planning

steering wheel:Remote control via remote control
display control:Large HD touch screen
the sensor:High precision millisecond

Flexible durable

The whole engine is strengthened to increase the service life of the whole machine。

Energy conservation strong

Maximum output power 6.2kVA, 75% rated output power, continuous operation for 5.5 hours.。

Stable output

Intelligent voltage regulation stabilizes voltage。

Display control integration

One key start, equipped with digital display, simple operation。

navigation system_tractor_generator_Agricultural machinery-Jinfeng Intelligent Technology-navigation system,tractor,generator,Agricultural machinery,Eppo machine,excavator

engineering case


Unocal six big advantage

01 Large scale, comprehensive strength guarantee

International standard material, all imported raw materials

Focus on the industry for 10 years, research and development, production of agricultural machinery equipment, high quality。

02 Products diversified widely used

Products by the certification authority

The product line is rich, with tractors, generators and other dozens of models of products, to meet the personalized needs of customers。

03 Cases abundant exported overseas

Free shipping: 120 or more standard models

Long-term partner of Fortune 500 enterprises。

04 Intelligent technology, focus on service

North and South factory can be shipped in 48 hours

Free of charge to provide customers with relevant operation, mode, maintenance and other information.。

05 After sale • 7 days for return

After sales, 7 days no reason to return

If you are not satisfied within 7 days, you can return and replace the goods free of charge。

06 Installation ▪ Engineers guide the installation

Install forced engineers full installation guide

We will provide you with remote guidance for installation, or our engineers will go to you for guidance for installation.


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